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The Green Mill jazz club. Chicago c. 2014.
Historic jazz club in Chicago, dating back to 1907. This establishment has been the “it” jazz place for celebrities and Chicagoans for decades. With its Art Deco interior and nostalgia, this time honored classic lounge has the style of an iconic 1940s joint, with the feel of a hip, cozy cocktail lounge where Al Capone and his cronies once cooled their heels back in the early 20th Century. When you step inside, you can still see photos of Big Al’s still hanging on the walls, but don’t ask if you can explore the old tunnels.. It’s not allowed! The Green Mill is the grand old lady — the quintessential Chicago jazz spot remains virtually unchanged from its heyday. Admission charge = Yes. Drinks = Modestly priced, inexpensive. An eclectic, mixed crowd fills the room to arguably hear some of the best jazz in the city, even the country.
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